Tuesday, April 24, 2018

, Inside the Blackhawk, Special Art Service is on Full Auto, about to take off, to find the muslim sniper who killed Culbertson,work in progress

The Art School Down, update, muslims armed with AKs, RPGs, attack The Art School, home of Special Art Service, here they load up the blackhawk, off to find the sniper, 2 horses killed, Crockett (Scad, BFA, Yale, MFA) and Haden(BFA, Art Institute of Chicago) patrolling the perimeter, lower left #mp5 #artinsituteofchicago #yaleschoolofart #blackhawk #m4carbine #medic

Back to your regularly scheduled gore, The battle on the 2nd floor porch, as they return fire at the Muslims, Special Art Service Loves You💕#mp5 #50caliber #m4carbine

In front of Special Art Service's Femme Au Bret Et Ala Robe Quadrille, update, checking magazines, a passionate hug, off to the slaughter outside #mp5 #M4CARBINE

In front of Andy Warhol's Marilyn, Special Art Service load up, a quick hug, and off to battle the muslims attacking The Art School, outside #mp5 #M4CARBINE #glock ,updated

Warrington grabs her M4 after her boyfriend is killed

"I'm thinking of going to Art Basel, want to come along?" A quiet day at The Art School, coffee from The Latte Lout, a lighted Gauloise, Raphael, Special Art Service new Great Pyrenees next to his water dish, and his favorite toy #artbasel #m4carbine #gauloises #greatpyrenees

Muslims invade The Art School,After one special art service member is killed, the others respond, here they use Alexander Calder's Object in Five Planes as cover #alexandercalder #m4carbine

Monday, February 26, 2018

It's Valentines Day at The Art School:Gust gives Peter's a Valentines card, Warfield gives Rothko a treat, Warhol sleeps, is anybody paying attention in Break Contact class?

"We sleep soundly in our beds because refined,artistic, spikey,neon-haired young men and women will visit violence on those who would do us harm"

After an Op,how does Special Art Service do to wind down?Croquet with Gauloise,and a case of Chateau Faizeau Montagne '12

While the cat is working on his "escape,evasion, techniques, Peters is reading Agnes Martin's biography,Hill is smoking a Gauloise,a Glock19,suppressed, being loaded with Black Talon 147 grain HPs #agnesmartin #glock19 #gemtechsilencer #blacktalon just a quiet day for Special Art Service

A foot of snow dropped on The Art School in Virginia, Special Art Service becomes Special Snow Removal, but there's always time for fun, a snow ball fight & Rothko chasing a snowball, Warhol gets a treat, stabile by Calder(Haverford Variation) the 50cals by Browning #alexandercalder